Use NFTs for your business to do charity / run loyalty programs / sell event tickets / generate revenue / grow your brand

Let's make your brand unforgettable with NFTs.

NFTs - the hottest trend to make your business trending

Benefits of NFTs for businesses

NFTs have transformed the way brands can express creativity, reach new audiences, and engage with their customers. This is just the tip of the iceberg of how NFTs can empower brands to monetise their digital assets, maximise their ROI, and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Future proof your brand

Build ambassador army

Strengthen your fanbase

Boost user engagement

Grow brand awareness

Deepen customer connection

Launch your NFT collections, in a minute

Launch brand NFTs

Leading brands like Adidas, Gucci, and Starbucks have already realised the limitless potential of NFTs. Join the ranks of these pioneering brands and work with us to build pro-growth NFT campaigns that will amplify your brand's appeal.

Add revenue streams for your business with NFT

Generate revenue

Do you know? Nike has earned $185 million from its NFT sales and generated $1.3 billion from its NFT sales volume.

NFTs provide a myriad of ways to add income streams to your businesses. NFTs can help you extend the value of your products, services and overall brand. We work with brands around the world to build NFT campaigns.

NFT Products

Sell digitised NFT versions of your products to generate sales. You can also offer discounts to the customers who own them.

NFT Merchandise

Sell exclusive NFT brand merchandises and build deeper connections with your customers.

NFT Charity

Create and auction NFTs to support the good causes of charity organizations or your partnered NGOs.

NFT Collectibles

Create limited avatars or stylised collections NFTs that celebrate your brand’s history and auction them to your audience.

Level up your event experience with NFT passes

NFT Tickets for your events

NFTs have already taken over the ticketing industry by offering a more authentic and transparent proof of attendance. Music festivals like Rolling Loud and Coachella have already started selling NFT tickets and collectibles to tackle issues like ticket fraud, bot attacks, and reselling of tickets.

Create beautifully designed tickets that tells a story about your event or your brand and let us help you mint and issue them and develop a remarkable presence for your events.

Kickstart your small business with NFT

Launch your business

Harness the potential of NFTs and its communities to jump start the growth of your small businesses. Jump on a free consultancy call with us, discuss your business idea, and we will help you understand how NFTs can tremendously prosper your brand, business’s financials, and popularity.

Increase brand visibility
Raise funds and add revenue
Boost customer engagement
Grow customer base
Create exclusive product offerings
Tap in to Web3 communities
Build brand loyalty
Run timeless marketing campaigns

Shopify NFTs to skyrocket the sales of your stores

NFTs for ecommerce

In 2021, Chicago Bulls became the first sports team to launch their NFTs store on Shopify. This announcement was enough to inspire every Shopify merchant to launch their NFT collections on their stores and d scale their businesses.

Digital Artists offer everything ecommerce business and Shopify store owners need to mint, launch, and auction their digital collectibles to their audience.

NFTs have something for all businesses

NFTs for All

Harness the true benefits of NFTs

Music and entertainment
  • Convert media to NFTs
  • Issue event tickets and passes
  • Boost your fan economy
  • Set up royalties and loyalty programs
  • Build exciting fan experiences
  • Sell NFT match tickets and passes
  • Auction NFT merch and cards
  • Tokenise game moments
  • Gamify your fan experience
  • Level up your Sports brand
fashion & luxury
  • Sell super creative NFT products
  • Offer discounts and benefits to owners
  • Open virtual NFT Stores
  • Create unique customer experiences
  • Build fashion communities
  • Convert media to NFTs
  • Issue event tickets and passes
  • Build deeper connection with fans
  • Tap into new communities
  • Build exciting fan experiences
food & restaurant
  • Promote your brand story with NFTs
  • Offer exclusive discounts to owners
  • Create unique avatars and collectibles
  • New revenue streams for small restaurants
  • NFT passes for special events
your business

Jump on a call with us to explore how NFTs can benefit your business’s brand, marketing, growth and financials.